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Accessible Switches
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Switch Choice
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Switches Catalog

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Last Modified 8/29/2018

9 Pin to USB Cable

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Able Net Switches
Access Switches by Saltillo
Access Wobble Switch
Adjustable Proximity Switch
Adjustable Proximity Switch & Power Control Module
Adjustable Pressure Switches

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Beam Wireless Transmitter
Big Buddy Buttons
Big Red Twist
Big Red Twist Tops - Semi-Formal
Big Red Twist Tops - Business Casual
Bright Box Switch
Bright Box Switch with AC Adapter
Bright Box Tactile Switch
Bright Box Tactile Switch with AC Adapter
Button Switches

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CA2 Connector
CA6 Connector
Cap Switch
Computer Interface Kit
Connecting Switches
Cooperative Switch Box
Cup Switch, Buddy Button, & Mount/Connection
Cylindrical Proximity Sensor Switch

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Dual Switches
Dual-Switch Power Control Module

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Egg Switch
Eye-Blink Power Control Module

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Fiber Optic Eye-Blink Power Control Module
Fiber Optic Eye-Blink Sensor
Fiber Optic Eye-Blink Switch & Power Control Module
Finger Access Switches
Flat Mini-Beam Sensor
Flat Mini-Beam Sensor & Power Control Module
Flex Switch
FlexAble Switch
Flexible Switch
Freehand single button ECU
Freehand starter kit

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Genie Joystick
Grasp Switch

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Heavy Duty Cap Switch
Honeybee Proximity Switch

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HeadMouse Extreme

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Jelly Beamer Switches
Jelly Bean Twist
Jelly Bean Twist Tops - Business Casual
Jelly Bean Twist Tops - Semi-Formal
Joystick with Pad

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L4 Sip and Puff Switch
Leaf Switch
Left-Handed Keyboard
Lever Switches
LinkSwitch switch latch timer
Literacy Kit

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Mechanical Switch Evaluation Kit
Membrane Switch
MicroLever Switches
Microlight Switch & Mount/Connection
Mini Cup Switch & Mount/Connection
MiniJoystick with Push
MiniLever Switches
Mini-Moon Proximity Sensor
Moon Switch - Blue (sensitive switch)
Moon Switch - Green (sensitive switch)
Moon Switch - Red (sensitive switch)
Moon Switch - Yellow (sensitive switch)
Mouse Emulator
Mouse-Friendly Keyboard
Mouse Interface 5 (MI-5)
Mouse Mover USB
Multiple Switches

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Non-Adjustable Proximity Sensor Switch
Non-Adjustable Proximity Sensor Switch & Proximity Switch Module

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Orby Switch for Augmentative Communication

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Pal Pad
Penta Switch
Personal Pager
Piezo Power Control Module
Piezo Switch
Piezo Switch & Power Control Module
Picture Plate Switch
Picture Plate Switch with USB
Pillow Switch
Platform Switch & Connection
Plate Switch & Mount/Connection
Pneumatic Switch Kit
Pneumatic Switch with Mount
Point It Joystick
Power Control Module

Proximity Switches

Adjustable Proximity Switch
Adjustable Proximity Switch & Power Control Module
Cylindrical Proximity Sensor Switch
Honeybee Proximity Switch
Mini-Moon Proximity Sensor
Non-Adjustable Proximity Sensor Switch & Proximity Switch Module
Ultra-thin Proximity Switch
Ultra-thin Proximity Switch & Power Control Module

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Randomizer Gamer 1 button/2 levels button switch
Reflective Beam Sensor
Reflective Beam Sensor & Power Control Module
Ribbon Switches
Ribbon Switch Mounting
Rocker Switch

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Scanning Evaluation Kit
Sensitive Switches
Six Pack Switch
Small Switches
Soft Switches
Spec Switches
Square Pad Switch
Squeeze Switch
Star Switch
Strong Switches
Switch Click USB
Switch Interface USB
Switch Kit
Switch Wireless Beam

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TASH Joystick with Pad
Talking Buddy
Tapio iOS Switch Interface with Apple Lightning Adapter
Tip Switch
Toy Control
Toy Control Box
Trigger Switch

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Ultimate Communication System Kit
Ultra-thin Proximity Switch
Ultra-thin Proximity Switch & Power Control Module
Universal TV Remote
USB Joystick With Pad
USB MiniJoystick With Push
USB Mouse Mover
USB Point It Joystick
USB Switch Click - Green
USB Switch Click - Red
USB Switch Interface

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VerticalMouse 4 Right
VerticalMouse 4 Left

W   To Top
Wafer Switch
Wireless Switch Convertor Receiver
Wireless Switch Convertor Transmitter
Wireless Switch Interface
Wobble Switch

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