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Stop Motion Pro Action!

An easy to use, inexpensive tool for creating stop motion animations
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1 Unit


Stop Motion Pro Action!
Grades K - 13+, Inclusion; Windows/Intel Mac with Win XP-7

Stop Motion Pro Action! allows you to make engaging and inspiring classroom animations with ease. Editions compared.
Call (877) 608-9812 for free trial version.

Stop Motion Pro Action! is compatible with many webcams and video cameras, and you can choose your language (English, French, German, & Spanish) upon installation, making it perfect for multiple language learners and ELL / ESL students. In addition, educators working with younger learners or students on the Autism spectrum will appreciate the creative ways the program can be used as a digital storytelling device to foster emotional literacy and give a "voice" to students who would otherwise be unable or unable or unwilling to express themselves.

Features of Stop Motion Pro Action!

  • Preview animation as you film it instantly.
  • Paint directly onto frames.
  • Edit your animation with thumbnail views.
  • Add a sound track with a microphone or using a pre recorded audio clip.
  • Use chroma key (blue/green screen) for special effects.
  • Onionskin the live video (so you can compare live video to previously captured frames).
  • Export video compatible with video editing applications, such as Creaza Education or Tool Factory Movie Maker.
  • Backup animation projects automatically to a network server (in Network editions).

Minimum System Requirements

- Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 OR
- Intel MAC with Apple bootcamp & Windows XP, Vista, or 7 installed
- 1.8 + GHz CPU
- 1 GB RAM
- 10 GB hard drive space.

Purchase Options

  • Single Unit, Item# TF-09201
  • 20 Pack: 20 stand-alone, non-networked copies, Item# TF-09201S20
  • Network Version: Unlimited computers at a single location & network, Item# TF-09201N


Professional Testimonials

  • "Our students learns to work in groups, develop ideas, make storyboards, working with their hands, a little bit of anatomy, analysis of movements, how to make a movement look natural, composition of pictures, how to build up a scenery, the dependence in each other making the movie, the need for cooperation for reaching a goal together.", Morten Kulseng, Sentrum skole
  • - Stop Motion Pro recently has been used to produce the movie The Pirates! Band of Misfits and in filming the series Wallace and Gromit.

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