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Switch Accessible Software Catalog Catalog

Last Modified 8/29/2018
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Alphabet Paint
Alphabet Track
Attention Getter
Attention Teens
Away We Ride Plus (Classics 2)

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Basic Coins
Basic Fractions
Basic Sight Words

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Cause & Effect Sights and Sounds
Choose and Tell: Fairy Tales
Choose and Tell: Legends
Choose and Tell: Nursery Rhymes
Choose and Tell Series
ChooseIt! Maker 2
ChooseIt! Ready-Mades Numeracy Series
Classics 1- Five Frogs Plus
Click to Read: Life Skills
Clothes and Transportation (Puzzle Power)
Concepts on the Move 1: Basic Concepts
Concepts on the Move 1: Basic Concepts - Test Me, Score Me
Coping with Chaos

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Dollars & Cents

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Early Learning I
Early Learning II: Addition & Sequencing
Early Learning III: Subtraction & Number Comparison
Early Learning Suite
Early Math Skills
Everybody Has Feet
Eye Track

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First Money
Foundation Shape, Space, & Measure
From 1 to 100
Functional Words
Functional Words Software Series

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The Graphic Speller

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Happy Duck
Hey Presto!

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Identification Skills
Idiom Track

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K-1 Kaleidoscope

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Leaps and Bounds Switch Access
Learn More about Math
Learn More about Words
Learn More Thru' Games
Letter Olympics
Let's Go To The Beach
Looking for Words

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Making Creatures
Making Sense with Letters
Making Sense with Numbers
Matching Skills
Memory Skills
Mini Matchers 1
Mini Matchers 2
Mini Matchers 3
Mini Musical Monsters
Mix 'n Match
Monkeys, Ducks and Frogs!
Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

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New Frog & Fly
Number 0 to 5
Number 5 to 10
Number 0 to 100

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Observation Skills
Old MacDonald's Farm Deluxe
On Track Reading Series 5 CD Set

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Personal Success
Phoneme Track
Picasso Series
Picture Builder
Potato Face - switch accessible cause and effect software
Puzzle Power Bundle 1
Puzzle Power Bundle 2
Puzzle Power: Clothes and Transportation
Puzzle Power: Fall & Halloween,
Puzzle Power: Fast Food & Sweets
Puzzle Power: Fruits & Vegetables
Puzzle Power: Occupations & Water Animals
Puzzle Power: Zoo and School Days
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Running Start Books: Animated Stories
Running Start Book: Social Scripts
Running Start Books: Thematic Templates

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Safe at Last!
Scan and Match
Shape, Space, & Measure
Sharon Won't Share
Shop 'til You Drop
Single Switch Games 2
Skills Builders 6 CD Set
Smart Alex
Social Scripts (Running Start Books)
Songs I Sing at Preschool
Son of Cause & Effect Sights and Sounds
Sorting Skills
Speak Up!
Spell Track
Spending Money
Spider Maze
Spot on Games
Step by Step
Stories and More Series
Switch Arcade
Switch Basics
Switch Bundle
SwitchIt! Arcade Adventure
SwitchIt! At Home
SwitchIt! Christmas Extra
SwitchIt! Diggers
SwitchIt! Facemaker
SwitchIt! Farm Extra
SwitchIt! Gadgets
SwitchIt! Hygiene Extra
SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2
SwitchIt! Maker 2
SwitchIt! Opposites
SwitchIt! Patterns
SwitchIt! People Extra
SwitchIt! Pictures
SwitchIt! Scenes
SwitchIt! Weather Extra
SwitchIt! Wildlife Extra
Switch Kids
Switch On Original
Switch On Travel
Switch On Zoo
Switch Skills 1
Switch Wars
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Teach Me About Amphibians and Reptiles
Teach Me About Arachnids and Insects
Teach Me About Birds and Mammals
Teach Me About Coniferous and Deciduous Forests
Teach Me About Desert and Tundra
Teach Me About Fish and Ocean Creatures
Teach Me About Grasslands and Rainforests
Teach Me About Habitats Bundle
Teach Me About Life Sciences Bundle
Teach Me About Oceans and General Habitats
Teach Me About Vertebrates & Invertebrates
Teddy Games
Teen Tunes Plus
Test Me, Score Me authoring program
Test Me, Score Me for Concepts on the Move 1: Basic
Test Me, Score Me for Concepts on the Move 2: Advanced
Test Me, Score Me for Switching on American History
Test Me, Score Me for Switching on Science: Earth
Test Me, Score Me for Switching on Science: Habitats
Test Me, Score Me for Teach Me Functional Foods
Test Me, Score Me for Teach Me Nouns: Blends
Test Me, Score Me for Teach Me Nouns: Final Sounds
Test Me, Score Me for Teach Me Nouns: Initial Sounds
Test Me, Score Me for Teach Me Nouns: Medial Sounds
Test Me, Score Me for Teach Me to Talk
Touch Balloons
Touch Funfair
Touch Games 1
Touch Games 2
Touch Games Series
Touch Here
Touch It Animals
Touch It Clothes
Touch It Everyday Objects
Touch It Food
Touch It Gardens
Touch It Series
Touch It Transport
Touch Screen Bundle
Toward Independence
Transportation and Clothes (Puzzle Power)
TouchMoney Software
Two Wise Owls

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Zoo and School Days (Puzzle Power)

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